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Susheela Aishwarya Susheela Aishwarya

Course: Young Learners Teachers Training
Company Name: American TESOL Institute

I found all the aspects very useful .It was very informative.

Kemal Abdela Kemal Abdela

Course: Diploma in International TESOL Program
Company Name: American TESOL Institute
Country: Thailand

All aspects of the course are interesting and useful for me. I have more than 2 years teaching experience at Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University,Thailand. And the founder and president of Youth based Non-profit Organization called O-YES Foundation Thailand.

Ignatius Mzwandile Mkhonto Ignatius Mzwandile Mkhonto

Course: Diploma in International TESOL Program
Company Name: American TESOL Institute
Country: Oman, Muscat

Each and every aspect of the course was useful. The trainers were able to provide me with comprehensive feedback. The course is magnificent. I would surely recommend this course to my friends. I am working at Military Technological College P O Box 262 Post Code 111 Oman.

Natasha Chongo Natasha Chongo

Course: Diploma in International TESOL Program
Company Name: American TESOL Institute
Country: South Africa, Hartbeesport

The learning on different methodologies was relevant in this course. I honestly found every aspect useful and very relevant. The feedback was very comprehensive. As a student teacher I am very pleased to have done this course because I have no doubt that it will add value to my future teaching career. A big thank you to the ATI team :). I work as a youth worker at Ha Phororo Youth Retreat Center located in Harbeesport, South Africa. I am currently studying for a degree in Education (foundation phase) at the University of South Africa.

Neha Ashok Donthi Neha Ashok Donthi

It has been a good learning experience.teaching practice in schools can be increased and also some guuidance for jobs will be appreciated.

Azlan Azlan

It has been a very wonderful experience and I enjoy the exposure to school with various kinds of age groups.

Binayak Chakravarty Binayak Chakravarty

It was a totally new experience for me teaching EFL learners. The practice teaching sessions gave me a new angle of English teaching to learners who are not really exposed to the language. The warmers and the activities taught in the class were really helpful.

Weny Juliani Weny Juliani

The teaching practise was amazing in the schools of Bangkok. It will be something unforgettable in my lifetime experiences. This course and the trainer have helped boosting my confidence to teach in front of a big class which i have never done before nor i have imagined before. Overall, the course has slowly changed me to a whole new person with a good level of confidence.

Timothy Olsen Timothy Olsen

I learned a great deal and feel as if i have been prepared very well for a career in ESL teaching. It was a very good, nd eye opening course. I very much enjoyed student teaching at the elementary school.

Abdul Akber Abdul Akber

It was an amazing experience, informative, excellent. the trainer from the first day made a very efficient flow of information and teaching experience that helped us to reach the goal I am very thankful to ATI the classroom and related staffs were very supportive and helpful.

Gogul.I Gogul.I

TEFL is very helpful to everyone, i have learned lot to teach for new English learners now i can teach English all over the world, teaching is a precious thing to do in life. but teaching all over the world is a great thing.

Helga Sindhuja Helga Sindhuja

Very good experience. ATI helped me to enhance my professional skills. learnt useful teaching techniques and methodologies.

Sukla Datta

I intended to do this course to make myself confident for the class room environment. i have done my education in India but this structure is different. This is a new experience for me.I took time to follow the objectives of the course.The Trainer has been a pillar of support for me.only educational qualification can not produce a good teacher.It needs lot of practical class room experiences. The present course is providing me an opportunity for this. The experience i am taking back will help me a lot in future.The memory of co- trainee will remain with me in the rest of my life.i may forget many people here but will never forget my Trainer.

Zameer Vaswani Zameer Vaswani

A fun and enjoyable course that brought me back to basics. It instilled in me the importance of breaking the ice in a classroom as well as help me focused on what is basic and vital rather than the superfluous jargon.

Farida Juzer Fatehi Farida Juzer Fatehi

The overall experience has been very beneficial and hope I can use lt optimally in my future career endeavours.

Esmeralda Deda Esmeralda Deda

My experience during the TESOL Program was in overall sufficient. I had different expectations before coming here and not all of them were fulfilled. I can say that from this experience I learned to teach to different types of classes and I'm sure this will be useful for the future. I also learned to manage the class and this is a positive aspect of doing TESOL. I can say that there were some positive warmers that taught me how to entertain a class and it was nice trying them before to see how the reaction will be. Also, the practice experience was good because I enjoyed to see a public Thai school and to be in the middle of a big class. The students were really lovely and nice and I think they enjoyed the lesson as well. It was good to see them reacting while we were teaching..

Elisa Ilene Freeman Elisa Ilene Freeman

Course: Certificate in International TESOL Program,American TESOL Institute
Company Name: American TESOL Institute

The classroom resources and suggestions for language based learning. The feedback was professional and I was very satisfied with the explanations. It’s an excellent and computer friendly. I would recommend this course to my friends. English Modern School, 22 February Street POBox 875 Doha, Qatar I am working.

Saumyajit Panja Saumyajit Panja

Certificate in International TESOL Program

Catering of basic aspect of teaching was most useful. The evaluation and the support were most appropriate. The overall experience of doing the course was good. It was a joyful experience. At present i am working at PNP Engineering Works (P) Ltd at Haldia , India

Karla Crisostomo Karla Crisostomo

Course: Certificate in International TESOL Program
Country: China, Xinzheng

Feedback: The content was clear and easy to understand. Each and every aspect of the course was useful. I was satisfied with the feedback.It was a good course. I learned more about English which is very helpful! At present I am not working and I will start in August teaching English in China. I would certainly recommend this course.

Arianna Valdois

Course: Certificate in International TESOL Program
Company Name: American TESOL Institute
Country: USA, Haven

Feedback: I enjoyed classroom management, and young learners. The feedback was good; all I could ask for is more. It was, overall, very interesting. The course was useful. I will be working at SIAS International University in Henan, China.

Sachin Solomon Rubdi Sachin Solomon Rubdi

Course: Certificate in International TESOL Program
Country: India

Feedback: The Text document explained everything in detail and clarity. The trainers were able to give comprehensive feedback. I found the course to be fabulous. The quality of evaluation, the response time and support was excellent. I would recommend this course to my friends.

Korina Dove Korina Dove

Course: Certificate in International TESOL Program
Country: Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

Feedback: The accessibility to the courses and being able to work at my own pace was exactly how I needed to study. I also liked the videos that accompanied the course content. Seeing instructors teach the material was helpful in further explaining concepts. The feedback on the mid-term and end-term assignments was useful. Having assignments and additional feedback for them after each phase might be more beneficial in gaining experience with methods. This course was perfect for me. I could work at my own pace, and results were almost instant. I have wanted to take this course for years but put it off because of time restraints. I was able to learn what I need to know to better my teaching skills. I would recommend this course to others. have taught in the past in various locations in the U.S., Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Kalushi Kalushi

Course: Business English Teachers Training
Country: Muscat, Oman

Feedback: The content as pdf files and the videos supplied were useful. The trainers were able to provide with comprehensive feedback. It was a wonderful experience where I gained practical knowledge through the content provided and quick supportive response from the trainers. The evaluation, the response time and the support provided was excellent.

Sally Mileva Dime Sally Mileva Dime

Course: Certificate in International TESOL Program
Country: Philippines, Cagayan de Oro City

Feedback: I found the overall course to be effective. The feedback was helpful. I have worked previously as an EFL teacher for Beijing Keji Zhiye Xueyuan (Beike Yuan), (English name: University for Science and Technology, Beijing) in Changping District, Beijing, China. I would definitely recommend this to my friends

Why TEFL and Teacher Training Course from ATI?

The varied online and onsite training courses offered by ATI acquaint the trainees with the innovative teaching methods and contemporary approaches helping them to shape into global teaching/training professionals. The course contents adhere to the highest educational quality control maintaining the international standard and the courses are conducted by highly qualified and accomplished teacher trainers. Moreover, ATI provides an international certification and extends all kinds of job assistance to the trainees on successful completion of the courses.

Our Different TEFL and TESOL Courses

American TESOL Institute is a globally recognized teacher training organization providing an array of multiple courses like TEFL, TESOL, EFL, ESL both in class and online mode. The TEFL courses are aimed at preparing global educators confident enough to face any classroom around the world. All the courses impart a comprehensive training on the skills and techniques required for teaching and training to a wider student base scattered across different nations ranging from young children to adult learners with completely different grasping levels.

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American TESOL Institute is identified with quality and reliability and its programs are revered across America and the certificates recognized globally. The credibility of American TESOL Institute lies in the satisfaction of our students and the innumerable academic institutions and governmental bodies which acknowledge our courses. ATI is an Institution of Post Secondary Education as listed by the U.S Secretary of Education of the United States Department of Education.